by Ed Naile

If you want to make a liberal laugh out loud simply mention illegal voters coming to New Hampshire – in buses. They all know from watching Comedy Central that no such thing happens. Even some leftist formerly on the Federal Elections Commission got into the game of bus-denial and was denouncing President Trump for mentioning it – without proof. I tried to engage the former FEC member by letter and email thinking maybe she would like to see proof of voter fraud in NH.

She must have lost my contact info.

Far be it from me to bring the subject up again but, here we go.

In 2000, a local election official gave the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers the returned envelopes of some 20 AmeriCorps workers who illegally voted in NH using a fake address on a fake road in Deerfield. The fake address was meant to look like it was in Bear Brook Park – which is closed in the winter.
The NH AG was not interested when it happened, giving the returned envelopes to CNHT was her last resort.
So much for old, real news.

Now, thanks to Project Veritas and James O’Keefe, our anti-voter fraud activists can show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that illegal campaign workers arrive in New Hampshire by airplane! And from as far away as – Australia! Project Veritas caught them on video.

Former NH Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien filed the required FEC complaint and BINGO, hardly any news in the Democrat Media.

There are plenty of other campaign workers who come to NH to work on campaigns and steal a vote, but thanks to Crazy Uncle Commie Bernie, we have Australia to add to the list.

The four Australian Labor Party Comrades working for Bernie probably didn’t know what they were doing was illegal – even though one mentions it on the Project Veritas video. And technically, Bernie didn’t ASK them to come. A reasonable person could chalk the whole thing up to youth, stupidity, and socialism.