by Ed Naile

Our good friend, Carl Robert Gibson, left wing activist and dirt-ball vote thief, was supposed to appear in Merrimack Superior Court, March 1 at 10:00 AM for a hearing on motions. (Carl was arrested for Democrat-run voter suppression in a special election.)

Being as I am in a walking foot cast and there is no parking at the courthouse, I was a bit late. I walked up the stairs to Courtroom 1 and arrived at 10:18.

The place was dark, the door was locked, no one was in any hallway, on the stairs, or in adjoining rooms?
That was quick!

I have been trying through multiple hearings at this courthouse to get a photo of our fat boy to no avail. He must have an underground escape tunnel.

Has anyone ever been to a court hearing that lasts less than 18 minutes? How about on that started on time?
No, me neither.

I remember the old days when, in District Court on Clinton St., I could sit and chat with Carl. Now the stakes are higher, and he apparently has better representation.

When I limped into the courthouse at a little after 10:00 AM there were three lawyer-looking guys leaving the clerk’s office window. Other than two sheriffs at the door there was not a soul in the place – but a docket posted on a sign post had a bunch of cases for the day.

I stopped by the clerk’s office and they said the judge has the Gibson file upstairs.

So there was a judge in some isolated chamber somewhere. Thank goodness.

How far our little Carl has fallen since he was arrested for impersonating, Yvonne Dean-Bailey, who was at the time, running for a special election in the Candia Deerfield area.

All these protests going on around the country and he can’t go there and get arrested. So sad.
I will try and get to the next hearing way early.

We haven’t forgotten you Carl.