by Ed Naile

New Boston is still in the process of “cleaning up” the Winslow property on River Rd. “Cleaning out” is more like it.

Here is a picture of the log truck the Town hired with a handshake agreement – no certificate of insurance required for this scheme. Although Town Policy requires it and other have to comply, not with this deal. You see, no contract – no time limit.

If you look closely at the photo above, (click on the picture for a larger view) you can see the Town’s contractor is hauling away Mr. Winslow’s galvanized boat trailer – license plate still attached. Nothing heavy was dropped on top of the boat trailer except some of Mr. Winslow’s tools.

Why would the Town of New Boston try and pull this off?

Here are several suggestions I would offer:

1. They think they can get away with what amounts to theft because they are a Town.
2. It is part of an effort by the Town to goad Mr. Winslow into doing something they can claim justifies having multiple police cruisers show up when things like this are being done. That is a dirty, malicious, trick.
3. They know the news media will not cover the story. New Boston’s law firm already called WMUR and complained about the coverage. I know this from talking to WMUR shortly after it happened. No stories since. The Winslow’s are dependent on NH’s New Media.
New Boston’s uninsured contractor has hauled away Mr. Winslow’s spare truck tires, sheets of stainless steel, his disc harrow, tire changers, and his air compressor.
All this was done before any court required inventory or plan was submitted to the Winslow’s. New Boston has also told Mr. Winslow on several occasions:
1. They were “finished” but would show up unannounced days later.
2. He could not walk outside and take pictures – even though the Court Order says Mr. Winslow is to be present during inspections of the property.

Rumors abound in town how the selectmen are going to auction off his property. And you can see how they intend to do this.

The Winslow’s are subject to a $275.00 per day fine until the property is cleaned up. They are also responsible for the Town’s legal expenses – at least $70,000.00 so far. And while this drags on they are expected to pay property taxes.

See how New Boston officials and their law firm work?

No wonder they don’t want any press.

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