by Ed Naile

I was at the US Civil Rights Commission hearing in Raleigh, North Carolina recently and sat through hours of testimony, by what amounted to race hustlers spinning tales of minority disenfranchisement.

The hallway outside the hearing was my “safe space” when it got too bad. When you hear someone say “We need to have a conversation” for the tenth time in seven minutes, the gag reflex sets in, even in me, after years of listening to New Hampshire election officials lie about the words domicile and resident.

Somehow, any change in any election laws, polling places, bus routes, or ballot printing, is racist and disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of minorities. Shocking story, after shocking story piled up on top of each other – all day long.

The Stockholm Syndrome was setting in. You had to believe that undocumented cases of voter disenfranchisement were absolute proof of minority voter disenfranchisement. The hearing captives were pre-inclined to believe the stories of mass-disenfranchisement, and side with this absurdity, long before the circus came to Raleigh.
If only the US Civil Rights Commission asked for some proof of voter fraud committed against minorities. I wonder what that would look like? I didn’t see any.

It is as though hundreds of thousands of election crimes against minorities can’t be caught on camera or documented in any way. Lots of lawyers “help” track minority disenfranchisement but none have thought to document it on camera.

Here in New Hampshire the disenfranchisement of NH citizens looks exactly like the Project Veritas Video.

Direct link to video:

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers helped catch this vote thief, dirt ball, Hugo E. Palma. He is one of thousands of out of state voters who steal the votes of NH citizens every election cycle. The NH Secretary of State has, in his possession, the names of at least 6,500 more – just from 2016.

This is what disenfranchisement of legal voters looks like. I didn’t see anything in Raleigh like this. You would think minority voter activists could come up with one instance. Maybe I missed it.

If you see Secretary of State William Gardner before he retires – ask him about this.

The next time I testify about voter disenfranchisement in our state maybe I should bring up the fact that NH willfully allows voter disenfranchisement of NH citizens by tracking it and not prosecuting it. I have more proof of that than anything I saw in Raleigh.