Jay DeLancy of Voter Integrity NC wrote this very precise description of the Trump Commission

“Failed” is a nice term, as all Trump has done is try to do it the easy way. They never learn.

Why the Pence Commission Failed and How the Left Blew It

Happy New Year! You’re Fired!

That’s the long and short of Vice-President Pence’s Election Integrity Commission.

The so-called “Progressive” side of our nation immediately spiked the football to celebrate how their lawfare euthanized the already doomed election integrity commission. The Left’s standard tactic–to destroy anybody who challenges their vote fraud denials–seems to have worked again… or not.

Why the Election Integrity Commission Failed

The Commission’s failure was certain after Democrats challenged the limitations of the Commission’s power. It was over when the Commission “requested” personally identifying information (PII) from all 50 states and “at least 27 states” gave them the middle finger.

The Left knows that PII is the key to exposing massive vote fraud, so they blocked the Commission’s access. Without such information, it’s very hard to arrest anybody for voting twice.

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