We have heard many stories like this, and know there are many more:

– A story was featured on the news about a woman voter in Florida who is not a citizen but thought she could vote and has done so for 20 years. This happens everywhere, — and here is proof that it happens more often than one might imagine.
– A voter in Connecticut who actually went to different towns and voted 19 times.
– A voter in Ohio who voted several times for ‘other people’ claiming she thought it was legal.
– A voter who was in NH working for a campaign and voted both here and in his home state.
– A man in NH pretended to be a candidate from the opposition. He sent out a bogus email claiming to be her, and that she was announcing that she had dropped out of the race.
– A situation where many more people are registered than are eligible to vote, as has been discovered in 11 places in California… see video.

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