HB 1566, introduced by Rep. Delmar Burridge (D-Cheshire 16) would ban the carrying of firearms in many areas of the state. HB 1566 is a frontal assault on your right to bear arms.

Rep. Timothy Horrigan (D-Strafford 6) has introduced HB 1406 which will void your concealed carry license if you change your city or town of residence. Currently, licensees can simply provide written notification to the issuing authority in their new town of residence and the license remains valid until its original expiration date. HB 1406 will also reduce the term of validity of a license from not less than 5 years to not less than 3 years which represents a whopping 40% reduction in the term of validity of a pistol / revolver license. NH Firearms Coalition feels that HB 1406 is a mean and vindictive attempt to penalize firearms owners and was probably introduced in retaliation for the enactment of Constitutional Carry.

Contact the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee to express your opposition for both these bills.