by Ed Naile

What a perfect example of how the entitled consider themselves above criticism when it comes to race in America today. I have a story torn from the pages of the internet.

How about we have a look at gentrification.

Gentrification is a method by which young up-and-comers take over a community – without using zoning. They can’t zone the people who live in the targeted area out because they are a temporary minority within the targeted minority. Zoning and restrictive property ordinances will come later.

I saw this headline from a story about a coffee shop in Denver that posted the truth that dare not be spoken on a poster in front of their store:

“Happily Gentrifying The Neighborhood Since 2014.” And on the other side: “Nothing Says Gentrification Like Being Able To Order A Cortado.”

Story here: Happily Gentrifying Since 2014: Coffeeshop Sign Sparks Outrage

The owner of this chain of over trendy shops, whose name is not in the story, is Keith Herbert, reformed ski bum who had just enough startup money to hop aboard a plane to Italy to learn to be a coffee expert:
Ink Coffee

And Keith, like all coffee-selling liberals is sooooooooooooo socially aware:
Ink Coffee

He builds communities in Brazil while costing locals out of their traditional American neighborhoods. Keith is like a God descended from above to help the backward villagers but he is similar to a devil who snuck into a neighborhood to take it over.

You can get Keith Herbert’s coffee for $14.50 per 12 oz. on line. It is described this way, as per socially aware rules:

“Our first foray into Direct Trade, Socially Conscious Coffee. This special Estate coffee is not only amazing in the cup and very versatile, our partnerships helps the farmers and their families who need it most.”

Brazilian Cerrado

Typical of all social justice warrior coffee baristas, the product is mostly hype. The agenda is to offer a product to a special slice of our American population – a special elite product they can actually afford. Sipping on a six-dollar cup of coffee can make you feel wealthy while at the same time signal to others your fake virtue.

But when you look at it, there is nothing virtuous or socially acceptable in driving residents of targeted communities in America out of their homes by gentrification – while using the cover of “helping” the poor in a Third World country.

This coffee shop chain got caught by their own arrogance and deserve all the scorn heaped on them.

If you don’t think gentrification happens in New Hampshire take a look at the local social justice warriors on your land use boards and commissions. Gentrification is the same as ethnic cleansing. It is designed to move one group of undesirables out while making room for a better class of people – defined by them.