by Ed Naile

I know the NH Legislature is working on the endless pursuit of a single definition for the legal terms residence and domicile, so they can eradicate voter fraud by legislation, but have they considered the next leap of logic they will encounter?

By NH State Statute – used only by the NH AG’s Office when making excuses for obvious out of state voters stealing votes during an election, it is obvious that the term “establishing a physical presence” is another way to steal a NH vote.

Not only can an out of state student, campaign worker, or just your average independent vote thief pretending he “intends” to establish a domicile (Required by NH State Constitution) to vote, he can simply “establish a physical presence.”

Check out news reports regarding the vote thieves from Martha’s Motel:

“As the allegations of voter fraud are not supported, we are closing our file without further action,” a letter from Assistant Attorney General Stephen G. LaBonte states.

“While working and living in New Hampshire, these individuals established a physical presence at 152 Middle Street in Portsmouth, which continued for several months,” he wrote. “There is no evidence to conclude they falsely claimed New Hampshire as their domicile at the time they registered to vote.”
AG says no voter fraud committed in Clark case
Martha Fuller Clark Cleared of Voter Fraud Allegations

Make no mistake the out of state vote thieves from Martha’s Motel are just that. They have the laws of their own state to abide by – such as:

1. Filing and paying state income taxes in their legal domiciles.
2. Serving on a jury in their home state. This is not required of an out of state voter in NH.
3. Registering a car in their home state – none did here.
4. Keeping current their out-of-state driver’s license – none obtained a NH license to drive.
5. None of the vote thieves abandoned their previous domicile as required by Newburger v. Peterson, a NH Federal case about intent of voters.

So, NH Legislature, when drafting new voter fraud legislation, remember, “establishing a physical presence” is another moving target in the biennial game of “Oh that law is unconstitutional too.”

Or we could try and prosecute voter fraud and have a court say it is legal to sign multiple conflicting perjury clauses to steal a vote in a NH General Election.

Warning to Portsmouth home buyers:
There is an illegal boarding house where any number of transients establish a physical presence for months at a time year after year. It is located at 152 Middle St.

Just because this rooming house/motel is appraised at almost $2 million dollars – don’t let looks deceive you. There will be lots of cars with out of state plates parked all up and down the street – along with unregistered dogs – if the transients bring them along.

Assessment Card for Martha’s Motel