Ed Naile has been anchoring “A Question of Voter Fraud” on the popular Girard at Large show since the launch of the segment on July 31, 2013.

Here is the last episode, as sadly, Rich has decided that Friday the 17th of November 2017 would be the last GAL show.

We hope that Rich will keep the ARCHIVE going, as it provides a good background for the work Ed and CNHT activists have done and continue to do regarding the question of voter fraud.

Ed also joined Rich for his last show on Friday, November 17, 2017

Ed is available to appear on your radio or TV show. Just email us!



This is what Ed had to say about GAL:

“Rich Girard’s radio program saw its final broadcast last Friday. That is too bad but is pretty normal for talk radio. Shows come and go. But this one is a great loss, especially to Manchester, NH.
Rich, kindly let me dominate 20 minutes of his program every Wednesday mornings from 6:40 – 7:00 am. This went on for four years. Luckily, NH has enough voter fraud to fill any program. And we did – happily.

Here is one of my first shows August 7, 2013:

I have not changed my story – NH has not come close to stemming voter fraud and Rich Girard has not gone away. He is just taking a well-deserved break. There is always a place for real journalism.”

FRIDAY SWAN SONG (with Ed Naile and others)