The fact New Hampshire would try and become the site of Amazon’s new headquarters is no surprise.

What was unexpected was that Gov. Chris Sununu’s proposal for the Woodmont Commons development site in Londonderry would include the full-throated support for using a new commuter rail line to bring workers to that property.

Indeed considering when campaigning, he came out AGAINST the transportation boondoggle.

Sununu, a first-term Republican, has been a longstanding opponent of the rail project both as governor and prior to that during three terms on the state Executive Council.

“When we have real infrastructure priorities and needs that can help the 700,000 people a day that drive on (the) roads, why should we be spending $300 million for a train so maybe we can send a couple thousand people a day to work in Boston? That makes no sense,” Sununu said while campaigning for the governor’s office last October.

But when asked about the contradiction the Governor said:

“In terms of the rail, absolutely that’s on the table. Rail has been studied, rail has been proposed, and if Amazon wants to come and we can accelerate those plans then that’s absolutely on the table,” Sununu told reporters recently when asked about the obvious contradiction.

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