by Ed Naile

The NH AG has asked to move the progressives’ case against the new NH election law, SB#3, to Federal Court, where it belongs. Oh my.

And the Dems have brought in Marc Elias, a Clinton lawyer to keep the status quo. No hand-picked liberal NH Superior Court judge for the Dems this time.

You can tell its September when the Democrats are challenging a new clean election law, so as to prevent anything from taking away the non-resident college kid vote. Ever notice where NH Liberals campaign in the last weeks, and first weeks, of every election? Keene, Hanover, Durham, Plymouth and all college points in between sure see a lot of moonbats.

Ever since Newburger v. Peterson in 1972 the various NH AG’s have handed court cases to the Democrats by, for some reason, not making arguments other states make when addressing the thousands of out-of-state college voters swarming small towns and upsetting communities. I wonder why that is?

Even the liberal judge who invented the term “mobile domiciles” noticed that strange coincidence in one of his nonsensical court orders.

Let’s hope the new NH AG takes this case away from the idiots in the Election Law Division of his office and replaces them with a lawyer who is for real NH citizens deciding NH elections – Federal and State.