by Ed Naile
Millions of extra voters documented in California

I just got back last night from San Francisco – yeah, that one, where I was a speaker at what could best be described as the first time East Coast and West Coast voter integrity organizations got together.

There is a video in the works for distribution to as many outlets as possible. When it is finished it will be posted in NH.

I think the event went well. Jay Delancey of the North Carolina Voter Integrity Project went to a college in the area where there was a discussion of election laws and challenged some professors to show up at our event. No takers.

The most important thing voters in America need to know is that any issues of voter fraud in their state are not limited to their state alone. How voter fraud is conducted and left without prosecution is a nationwide problem that is going to see the light of day sooner than later. I believe that states where it is most egregious are looking like Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory. They have sped up the process of certain parties winning statewide elections and wholeheartedly accepting fraud through a lack of investigation, lack of prosecution, re-inventing of the meaning of accepted legal terms, passing laws to legitimize voter fraud and make it easier, a lack of transparency, and activist court decisions.

A few well targeted civil rights decisions and any positive action by our new US Attorney General can bring this problem under control. Most Americans want fair, clean elections and deserve better than what is happening now.

Having anti-voter fraud activists from various states working together is a huge step in the right direction. I am hoping President Trump will look at the testimony his Voter Integrity Commission is going to receive this fall as well. He put his reputation on the line talking about voter fraud and now he will have a chance to do something about it.

The documentation of non-citizen and non-resident voting from different states is quickly coming into focus through different channels.

In Virginia, a court case has exposed records that state quietly kept from the public, records that show thousands of non-citizen voters.

In North Carolina, a collection of voter lists has shown patterns of illegal interstate voting by individuals in numbers easily able to determine the outcome of elections there.

California has just about institutionalized voter fraud through rigged provisional and absentee ballot counting. Some 40% of all absentee ballots cast in the 2016 General Election in America were from California where millions of extra voters from some counties and a large city were documented by volunteers.

In NH, we see how thousands of non-resident students can sway an election involving Federal Offices. Documented cases of voter fraud go without prosecution and thousands of returned same day voter returned envelopes sit on a table collecting dust.

Several national litigation non-profits are taking notice. Voter fraud is a civil rights issue – plain and simple.

Time is running out for conducting crooked elections either way. We will have fair elections or they will be a Third World sham. We have reached that point.

Pick a side.