Sanborn Superintendent Says Trust-Building a Priority
by Annie Collyer for the Newton-Kingston Taxpayers Association (NKTA)

At a Sanborn Regional School District (SRSD) School Board (SB) meeting on Wednesday, August 16, 2017, the overall theme was enunciated by interim Superintendent Tom Ambrose as he discussed multiple meetings he has held with members of the community, elected school officials, SRSD Administrators, SRSD parents and other community members: there is a need for transparency and open and accessible communication in the District, which all can lead to trust.

The School Board will be implementing a new policy of having everything that takes place at SB meetings comply with the posted agenda, including Board and Public comments. The agenda will be set by the School Board and the Superintendent, and will be responsive to calls and emails to the Superintendent about issues of concern to citizens. If anyone has an item that he or she wants to be addressed, a phone call to the Superintendent is recommended. Mr. Ambrose states that he has an open door policy, and will respond to any and all who approach him. In public comment, some expressed reservations with the proposed change, others were very happy that meetings will be more efficient and will not last until past midnight, but will still address community concerns. One Board Member suggested that change can be transformative and recommended embracing it.

School Board goals for 2017-18 were discussed. The Superintendent expressed that Administrators are very focused on the need to improve SRSD English Language Arts (ELA) and Math results. The District is focusing on efficiencies in budgeting and meeting the goals of addressing the needs to improve our ELA and Math results for students, something NKTA has been advocating for 2.5 years. Discussions took place about having ‘continuous improvement in student learning’ with measurable goals to assist in evaluating effectiveness to assess and enhance the programs in place.

The Administrators are looking at programs that have worked in other Districts, as well as a deep look at our PACE, Smarter Balance and SAT results, with a view to Academic Teaching, SRSD Culture and Fiscal Responsibility.

Coming up at the next School Board meeting on August 30, 6 PM, are advancing a Facilities Action Plan, School Board Goals, Right-to-Know education, and other items. The video of the meeting as well as minutes are available on the SRSD website at More information on NKTA can be found at NKTA is a NH non-profit educational organization dedicated to informing voters and taxpayers about local issues. The NKTA has the mission of advocating for the highest possible educational and local government outcomes with the most efficient use of tax dollars.