by Ed Naile

Keene City Councilors Terry M. Clark and Randy L. Filiault are asking Keene Mayor Kendall Lane if the Keene City Council can vote on a publicity stunt resolution. They are all about pronouncing to the World their Keene City Council’s objection to a lawful request for voter information from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

Tough luck dipsticks! You have zero authority to deny your corrupted Keene voter checklists to the State of New Hampshire or President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission, so bleat into the wind. See RSA 654:45.

Clark and Filiault should read up on election law. NH took Federal money to build our statewide database – a database lowly NH taxpayers are still not allowed to see. Part of that mandatory statewide database scheme, US Code 52, Chapter 2, makes it clear that the State shall hand over to the US Attorney General, or his representative, all documents regarding Federal Elections held in NH.

If President Trump appoints the US Attorney General as well as the Election Integrity Commission you might guess where not responding to a request for documents is headed. States are required to keep certain election documents.

A NH State Statute Terry Clark and Randy Filiault should make themselves aware of is RSA 654:31 regarding the public’s right to examine the checklist. I have a right to see that checklist during office hours – unless the Secretary of State has reinterpreted that statute.

I just got back from driving to Keene to check out-of-state arrests made in Keene with the Keene Voter Checklist. I am never denied an opportunity to match an out-of-state arrestee with the Keene checklist. I always find interstate-domiciled vote thieves.

Today though, there was a new wrinkle. The checklist required by any normal interpretation of NH law in English was not there! What, no Keene checklist at the table in the lobby where it is required to be?

I asked inside the Keene City Clerk’s office and was told it had been removed, probably shredded by now. They could not get me a copy or ask the Clerk who was in a meeting to hand one over for me to review. I left.

This brings me back to the Keene City Council lefties who are all fired up about handing public data over to the Trump Election Integrity Commission. Where are they? What is the problem? The checklist is like a toilet seat – you don’t take one off without having a new one – or your @ss is in trouble.

So much for the announcement made by the Keene City Council posers:

“We all know historically, the city of Keene, through the City Clerk’s Office, has run probably the tightest, most ethical and transparent elections in the entire state of New Hampshire,” the councilors wrote Monday. “With that said, we find no reason that our City Clerk’s Office should turn over any voter information, beyond the scope of the law. And, if such information is requested within that scope, then payment shall be received as we would require any citizen.”

Keene councilors seek resolution objecting to release of voter data

Once again, liberal officials who turn a blind eye to voter fraud open their mouths and look like fools – or worse.