Socialist Bernie Sanders Has a Democrat Primary Opponent in Vermont!
by Ed Naile

In a pathetically liberal state run by New Yorkers and rich Connecticut elites, anyone wishing to run against the establishment must do more than take the Socialist Party Purity Pledge. (New Hampshire something not similar called the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.”)

In Vermont, to even stand a chance against a lifetime appointment Senator like Sanders you need something else, something endearing to all Vermonters, no it’s not just a New York accent. To garner total voter obedience your signature style must to be more substantive and I think Senator Sander’s primary opponent has it!

The challenger in question – doesn’t comb his hair! That is a huge plus in Vermont – just look at Bernie.

Bernie’s challenger is a guy named Jon Svitavsky. He is described in the article above by NBC reporter Alex Seitz-Wald as a homeless advocate. I am not sure yet how that description fits. Is he a HOMELESS advocate or an ADVOCATE for the homeless? (And expert proof readers who comment on my articles call ME on my writing.)

More fun facts regarding Jon, not John, Svitavsky.

He “graduated” from the phony college Bernie’s wife ran into oblivion!

And Saturday Night Live hasn’t done a sketch on this yet? SNL has been out of material for decades and this might be their last great hope – plus, Vermonters still watch that show. Can you believe it?

Normally there are no real primaries in Vermont. Sure, you have the traditional lineup of extra fringy fringe candidates who are permitted posture rights at the debates so they can dress up in funny hats – but not threaten the lefty heavyweights. Jon Svitavsky must understand this from the way things are run on the Democrat side.

The last time anyone ran a real campaign against a Vermont US Senator a cartoon candidate popped up to primary the Republican and cut him out. His name was simply “Fred.”

“Fred” was set up to damage a serious Republican candidate against Democrat? US Senator Leahy. Fred actually won so Leahy and the progressives had a great time with the joke.

But now in 2017 the joke is on Vermont and the Democrat Party because a guy with a lousy NY accent who can’t comb his hair cost the Democrats a chance to win the White House. Not to mention he isn’t a Democrat but the progressives had to let him run in their primary.

Pretty funny stuff. God Bless Vermont and its wasted progressive votes. At least they are having fun?