by Ed Naile

People are asking me why I am not attending legislative committee hearings in Concord regarding proposed election laws. So, I am going to write a short letter explaining why I am spending my time exposing and documenting NH voter fraud in a different way.

I have spent 31 years involved in the issue of voter fraud and election law violations in NH and I have learned one simple thing. Voter fraud will never be solved from within this state with the political structure and state officials we have now.

Our Attorney General’s Office Elections Division is as partisan as it can get away with and our courts ignore evidence and black letter law so they can find pre-determined outcomes in favor of non-resident voting.

The New Hampshire Secretary of State is, for the most part, a figurehead who is more interested preserving some sort of charade that presents that office as an example of how a small state secretary of state office should run. Protecting the NH Presidential Primary limelight is also very critical. This requires quite a balancing act.

Here is how they balance letting non-residents vote with keeping an untarnished image of clean elections:

In 1971 eighteen-year olds got the right to vote. Fifty states had to amend laws to accommodate that Federal law.

In 1972 NH was sued in Federal Court by a Dartmouth student who was refused a chance to register in Hanover because he was intending to leave NH after graduation. This refusal was unlawful because of a previous “durational residency” case in Tennessee called the “Dunn” case. This set off the “intent of the voter” excuse we use in NH to let non-residents vote. This went well until so many out-of-state students and activists started voting in NH that is became painfully obvious to everyone. But NH Courts, the AG, and Secretary of State have stuck by this activity.

The 1972 case Newburger v. Peterson case was about a NH inhabitant, who was “otherwise qualified,” not being allowed to register because he intended to leave NH at a future date.

What we have now in NH is thousands of unqualified inhabitants, election after election, being allowed to register and vote – who “intend” to become domiciled in NH at a future date. That is completely different. When a person takes advantage of this supposed “loophole,” which is a creation of NH Courts, NH AG, and SoS, and is never held to account for not becoming a legal domiciled citizen, there is little anyone, even the Legislature can do about it.

There is one problem with this scam.

It is against Federal Law to vote in a state in which you are not domiciled – or a resident, or a registrant – pick your definition, they all work depending on what state you are dealing with. We are letting NH’s open borders voting effect Federal Offices. That is the only way we are going to stop the NH policy of letting non-residents vote in our state.

The tired excuse that unless we let non-residents vote they will be disenfranchised is false. Any non-resident can get an absentee ballot in a Federal Election. That is Federal Law.

Any person who has recently moved, or is in the process of moving to NH but has not established a domicile, can vote in a Federal Election from their previous domicile. That is Federal Law designed to protect people from state durational residency statutes. US Code 52, 10502.

Just because NH lets non-residents vote does not mean they are domiciled in NH. It is a violation of Federal Law. NH got Federal funds to create a statewide database and the SoS is obligated to keeping it free of unqualified voters.

Just as preventing qualified voters from voting in NH is a violation of that voter’s 14th Amendments rights, letting a non-resident vote in NH is violation of every NH citizen’s 14th Amendment right to a valid vote.

What is the simplest way to prove we have two sets of standards for NH voters?

Ask the NH Secretary of State, NH AG, US Attorney, or US Attorney General if a person domiciled in another state can serve on a NH jury, or a Federal Grand Jury in NH, as well as vote here.

If the officials in charge of clean elections in NH will not do their jobs, the only way out of our voter fraud problem in NH is from the Federal level.

Just as former US Attorney General Eric Holder would file suit against various new state voter ID laws and choose not to prosecute Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia, year after year, the new US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, can take action in NH, especially in elections for Federal Office.

As long as it looks like we are trying to do something, anything, in the Legislature by trying to find a new definition for already defined words, we are only running a stall campaign.

I want to focus on convincing the incoming administration that we need their help. You should as well.