by Ed Naile

A multi-colored hairdo on a frumpy looking voter registration activist is the latest “catch” involving voter fraud.

Breitbart has the brief rundown on the story of Rebecca Hammonds, 34, who pled guilty on 14 counts of voter registration fraud after originally facing a total of 35 counts.

Ohio Anti-fracking Organizer Gets Jail for Voter Registration Fraud

As is the case with most voter fraud stories in the news, you must to dig to get the full story and discover who the standard players are if you want to make any sense of it. Wanna Guess who they might be?

Let’s get started.

This sad creature taking the 180 day spin in an Ohio jail has to have been paid by somebody, right? It seems she was working for a community organizer organization (socialists) in Ohio called, The Ohio Organizing Collaborative.

The OOC gets it community organizing cash from a guy named George Soros, $5 million we know of. Score one if you guessed that. Soros was funding several groups like this and was also backing anti-voter ID lawsuits against clean election law legislation in Ohio, Virginia 6/01/2015, and Wisconsin 6/11/2015.

Clinton Lawyer, Soros Back Anti-Voter ID Lawsuits

George Soros and Clinton lawyer Marc Elias are engaging in multi-state effort to overturn ID laws.
Elias had special permission to represent the OOC with a special deal from the Ohio court:

MOTION for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice of Marc E. Elias (Filing fee $ 200, receipt number 0648-5046770) by Plaintiffs Carol Biehle, Bruce Butcher, Jordan Isern, The Ohio Organizing Collaborative. (McTigue, Donald) (Entered: 05/08/2015)

So far, we have George Soros funding a left-wing, voter fraud involved, community organizing group with the help of long time Clinton lawyer, Marc E. Elias, who has taken some “personal time” to help out this poor non-profit group. Clinton Attorney Elias ducks for cover when the hairdo challenged Ms. Hammonds admits to registering dead people to vote.

Top Clinton Lawyer Investigated for Voter Fraud

Along comes the indictment of the OOC for election law violations and Clinton Attorney Marc Elias decides to leave the scene of the crime, so to say.

What is going on here is the combined pursuit of voters and voter information for the metadata lists the Left uses to win elections, as well as a coordinated effort to water down clean elections with lawsuits against voter ID. It is national in scope and it is almost always connected with the same players, such as Perkins-Coie the law firm Attorney Elias works for. It is a firm that represents Democrats when they get in trouble, as well as harassing Republicans with frivolous lawsuits. In 2008, for example, Sarah Palin won 26 filed against her. Most were associated with this firm. They even represented NH’s own Burt Cohen when he had a “problem” with fraudulent donations supposedly made to his US Senate run back in 2004.

Open Secrets

Whenever you see any voter fraud stories in the mainstream media, check for Obama’s personal law firm, Perkins-Coie.

The nice thing to know is that with all the dirty tricks, voter fraud, and lawsuits aimed for Democrat friendly judges – Hillary, the “perfect” Democrat candidate LOST! Have a nice laugh over that.

And if you are wondering who represented Ms. Hammonds – the Soros, Elias, Clinton, Perkins-Coie fall guy, it was this attorney from Ohio:

DISCIPLINARY COUNSEL v. Jennifer Ann GORBY. [Cite as Disciplinary Counsel v. Gorby, 142 Ohio St.3d 35, 2015-Ohio-476.] Attorneys—Misconduct—Failure to inform clients of lack of malpractice insurance—Failure to hold clients’ funds in trust account—One-year suspension, stayed. (No. 2014-0541—Submitted July 8, 2014—Decided February 10, 2015.) ON CERTIFIED REPORT by the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline of the Supreme Court, No. 2013-043.