Feb 12, 2017 (Raleigh) — Rosa Maria Ortega’s name made national news, Feb 9, when a Tarrant County, TX. jury found her guilty of vote fraud and (according to a CBS News website) the jury also sentenced her to 8 years in prison.

While the New York Times report of the trial could well have been written by the attorney defending Ms. Ortega, we wondered how the jury could be so enraged at her that they meted out such a harsh punishment; and learned that she deliberately lied on a registration after being told she couldn’t vote as a non-US citizen.

Sympathetic Victim

While the defense team painted the picture of a helpless woman with a sixth-grade education, they said the laws were too confusing for her. Adding to her case, was the fact that she has four teen-aged children.

While major media accounts truthfully reported that she was only prosecuted after she told officials that she had been voting as a non-citizen for several years, they left out a key detail to the entire prosecution and sentencing.

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