Carl Robert Gibson Gets A Taste of His Own Medicine But Who Is Paying All The Legal Bills
by Ed Naile

Is turnabout fair play? I don’t know but I know a laugh riot when I see one.

Here it is:

Motion for Preliminary Injunction

It seems our old vote thief and candidate impersonator, Carl Robert Gibson, had another professional protester, from New Hampshire, ATTEMPT TO STEAL THE NAME OF HIS STUPID WEB SITE!

As Carl Robert Gibson awaits his next turn in court for impersonating now State Representative Yvonne Dean-Bailey, in an attempt to sabotage her first election campaign, some other guy registered his US Uncut LLC web site which is really just a self-congratulatory showcase for his sophomoric political stunts – the kind that verged on criminal and which resulted in his arrested so many times in so many states.

Somehow Carl has enlisted the aid of Divine Millimet in a Federal case to get his “tradefarce” back. Our, no visible means of support political prankster is already hogging up the NH State Supreme Court’s time in his pending, “impersonating a candidate” trial.

I hope he racks up a ton of legal bills before he waddles back to Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Connecticut.

This new case opens up a few more doors as to how the Let in New Hampshire operates.

Thank the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers for our excellent job of stalking of these moonbats while we expose the big money and bad actors who infect our elections.