by Ed Naile

Taxpayer champion Barbara Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation in Massachusetts has passed, April 8, from a form of Leukemia, which she has been battling for some time. I last saw her two years ago at a function in Arlington, Ma. I was invited to by her organization. She was frail but in good spirits.

Barbara was always a friend to The Coalition of NH Taxpayers. She agreed to be a speaker at our first taxpayer cookout and brought with her the hard earned street cred of a seasoned fighter for taxpayers. Her ability to more than hold her own in any debate with some of Massachusetts’s most liberal activists and politicians gave our small organization a format to follow. It would be tough to match her many accomplishments.

She was “The Mother of Proposition 2½” and a permanent foe of temporary income taxes in Massachusetts. And I loved her idea that all Ma. legislators should be required to take a bus to NH so they can watch our Citizen Legislature operate.

I will miss Barbara and the strength she exhibited throughout her many battles.

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