by Ed Naile

The latest in the disgusting story behind the No Trespass Order filed Against Jorge Mesa-Tejada.

SAU #55 Coach Metzler is shopping a request to have Jorge charged with criminal intent for talking about Metzler’s illegal infomercial. The infomercial Coach Metzler is pinning all his progressive hopes and spending dreams on.

If you are not following this mess closely…

This poser over in Timberlane School District, Metzler, dreams of a day he can say he got a $4.5 million dollar building bond passed even though it isn’t needed and enrollments are dropping. It would be like…a baseball trophy.

To keep the Hampstead Budget Committee Chairman away from the school while the bond is voted on, Metzler has orchestrated a no-trespass scheme to cut is legitimate opposition out of the loop.

Is that how he played ball? Did Metzler pitch no-hitters to an empty field?

I don’t know about his past but he is certainly trying that strategy now.

But calling several times to get someone police dept., any police dept. to charge Jorge with a crime reeks of MALICE.

Cross the MALICE line at your own peril little man Metzler.