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Monkey Loses Court Case

By CNHT | January 6, 2016

by Ed Naile

A Macaca monkey who used a cell phone to make selfies has lost the potential copyright privileges of those photos according to a Federal Court in California.

Meanwhile, here in NH’s State Supreme Court another monkey, a Metzler monkey, seems to be losing his attempt to hide public information from a public school board member.

When three or more of a five member court are laughing at a monkey’s court case you know that slippery simian has skidded on a banana peel.

If the Metzler monkey’s attorney was being filmed for a silent movie during today’s hearing it would have looked like one of those 1920’s fan dances women did to hide their privates with fans or feathers – much like the Metzler monkey attorney tried to do when asked if the public documents in question were electronic or paper in origin. THE END popped up on the court screen before any definable answer was provided by the Metzler monkey black and white case.

The Metzler monkey attorney waved his hands around in circles during the court case as though he was a mime washing an imaginary storefront window. Let’s see how well that strateegery worked when the case is remanded back to some lower court primate for reversal.

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