by Ed Naile

Have you seen this story yet, the one about the progressive Democrat Iowa State Senator, Bruce Braley, who has to apologize to Republican US Senator Charles Grassley?

The guy has a communications problem – he told the truth about himself and it was caught on tape, linked here:

Iowa Dem Senate Candidate Caught Denigrating Chuck Grassley as Farmer Wihtout Law Degree

First he “slights” Sen. Grassley as a guy who is not a lawyer and who is nothing but a farmer. That is not a bad resume for a person in the US Senate as far as most people are concerned, especially Iowans.

Then the idiot goes on to beg for support in a room full of trial lawyers because he has always opposed tort reform! And he does this in front of a table full of Jack Daniels.

Oh boy!

This arrogant trial lawyer elitist, and Iowa Democrat State Senator Bruce Braley, has several New Hampshire connections – both are transient vote thieves. Are you surprised?

Here we go:

Caitlin Ann Legacki (A Manchester, New Hampshire vote thief)
Communications Director
Office of Congressman Bruce Braley
November 2009– November 2010 (1 year 1 month) Washington DC

Caitlin Ann Legacki on LinkedIn

Caitlin Ann Legacki was the spokesperson for our own Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in 2008 before she took her talents to Iowa to help Braley win a state race. She registered and voted in Manchester, NH in 2008 and her name was still on our statewide “out-of-state voter” database the NH Secretary of State sells for $3,000.00 so it is too expensive for The Coalition of NH Taxpayers to purchase.

Come 2012 and we find an inexplicable check mark next to Caitlin Ann Legacki’s name when she was in Missouri working for US Senator Claire McCaskill. Caitlin is registered to vote in at least three states.

Busy girl.

And the other Braley/NH connection is the newly minted Iowa Democrat Party mouthpiece, Janice Rottenberg, (A 2012 Nashua NH vote thief.)

The NH Attorney General’s Office turns a blind eye to out of state voter fraud committed by Democrats because they have a self-serving interpretation of statutes and the NH Constitution. So CNHT is monitoring the out-of-state vote thieves who quietly make a living getting progressives like trial lawyer Bruce Braley and Jeanne Shaheen elected.

Well, they used to do it quietly. Just Google “Caitlin Ann Legacki” sometime and see what comes up. I hope Iowans and opposition researchers do when they look up news about candidates in their state.