by Ed Naile

Good news everybody!

Our old friend, 2012 NH vote thief, Janice Rottenberg, has updated her LinkedIn page and she has a new political gig as the “Coordinated Campaign Field Director at Iowa Democratic Party”.

Janice Rottenberg on LinkedIn

Let us all celebrate her good fortune.

It’s hard keeping track of all the Obama for America vote thieves who were in our state in 2012, many of whom are still registered to vote in NH, but at The Coalition of NH Taxpayers – we try.

As we take a look at Janice Rottenberg’s credentials we notice that she left NH in November 2012 for the Terry McCauliffe campaign in Virginia with another NH vote thief, Lisa Behrens, of the United Kingdom:

Lisa Behrens on LinkedIn UK

They both voted in Virginia in the hot governor’s race they were hired to work on in June of 2013 from the same address.

I would imagine they are both still registered in Virginia as well as NH.

Now, since NH doesn’t keep clean voter lists, Janice Rottenberg can vote in Iowa in 2014 and send an absentee ballot to NH and Virginia as well.

Another NH vote thief with a similar transient campaign history as Rottenberg and Behrens, is our old pal Caitlin Ann Legacki, who somehow had a vote cast in her name in 2012 in NH from the Kalik residence on Steinmentz Rd. in Manchester.

Of course it seems hard for Caitlin Ann Legacki to vote in NH since she was in the US Senator Claire McCaskill campaign office in Mo. that day working for that US Senator.

Before that US Senator Caitlin Ann Legacki worked for US Sen. Kay Hagan in North Carolina and before that Caitlin Ann Legacki worked for our own US Senator Jeanne Shaheen in 2008.

Do you think Legacki will come back to NH to work for Shaheen again?

She is still registered – unless someone took her off the Manchester checklist.

I am not sure about Lisa Behrens, Janice Rottenberg’s traveling buddy. I wonder if she can vote absentee in NH or Virginia from the U.K – since she has moved back there.