The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers’s FaceBook page receives a threat against ‘teabaggers’ with reference to liberals being ‘good shots’.

On Sunday February 23, 2014, second amendment supporters gathered at the statehouse in Concord to show solidarity in support of the right to keep and bear arms, without infringement.

Several groups were the sponsors; GraniteGrok, Citizens for a Strong NH, RLCNH and The Atlas Society but while CNHT supports the cause, their name was not on the list, so we’re not sure why we were attacked.

Under the pseudonym “Grace Imperfecta”, the attacker posted this rather threatening and violent post:

“Grace Imperfecta: There are just as many liberals with guns, as there are teabaggers – and we are damned good shots. Just TRY to usurp MY government, you bunch of yellow-bellied-cowardly-traitors to the United States of America, and see how quickly we take you down. BTW – I say let’s reinstate “hanging by the neck until dead” for traitors – and line all of you up for your turn at paying for betraying your country.”

The poster also left a link to Concord Patch article about the event, where there is also a post from a person calling themselves ‘Grace’.

The page’s administrator responded in such a way as to give the poster a chance to retract their comments but none was made and so the proper authorities have been notified.