Zoning as a weapon against the lower classes is always at play in progressive communities.

That is its main purpose.

Check this news item about our pals in Hingham, Ma.

Hingham Weights Noise Ordinance That Could Ban Loud Conversations

Draft: Hingham Noise Law

No loud conversations, lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

It isn’t the actual noise that is the issue. It is elitism’s attempt to control everything and everyone. It could as easily be guns, smokers, yard sales, people who fish, etc. the list is endless.

There is no limit as to how miniscule the infraction. The acute sensibilities of progressives can be set upon by the very existence of the lower class taking a breath.

Hingham, by the way, has pretty much ethnically cleansed its borders since 1625.
Movoto: Hingham 02043

Less than 1% Black – that took some doing I’ll bet. How inclusive.

The percent of “educated” Hingham residents, 64% with a college degree – the people most likely to engage in ethnic cleansing by zoning.

The average Hingham estate is worth $850,000.00.

I’m thinking that there several logical reasons to push this no noise ordinance as far as possible:
1. Some bug up their but libs who need an outlet for their anger.
2. Too many minorities running leaf blowers?
3. The progressive paradise of Hingham is lacking a new “communitarian cause”.

Like they say, “If want to live in a progressive paradise you have to zone a few people out”.