by Ed Naile

Here we are: If you could just stop letting out-of-staters vote from your house that’d be great.

1111 Army Navy DR. Apt 1427
Arlington, VA 22202 008 – HUME

Above is the Virginia voting record of our old vote thief, Janice Rottenberg.

Janice is still registered in Nashua , NH where her liberal voter fraud friendly pals will argue that it was her DOMICILE when she “lived’ here.


Remember Janice?

Janice Rottenberg

Janice stayed with a Nashua family when she was stealing your vote. It is a single family home – not an apartment house or motel.

The place Janice votes from in Virginia is the “home” of Lisa Behrens – Field Organizer for Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Virginia Reports

And here is who Lisa Behrens is on LinkedIn:

Lisa Behrens

If you are a NH taxpayer and voter you should be outraged that non-resident professional vote thieves are allowed to abuse our elections.

Nashua resident and liberal Democrat, Latha Mangipudi, just won a seat in the NH House. Her house was the voter fraud nest of Alysha Tierney – Organizing for America, just like Rottenberg and Behrens.

The NH Attorney general’s Office thinks the legal term domicile is all in one’s head – then wouldn’t arson be as well?

Former Superior Court Judge John Lewis thinks domiciles are “mobile.” Lucky he is gone.

Your legal domicile is a matter of fact, just like the fact that these people listed above want to steal votes and win elections any way they can.

Real NH voters can hold liberals accountable in 2014.

The next wave of Organizing for ACORN vote thieves will be arriving in NH in the spring of 2014.

Let’s make their trip a waste of time.

Vote for clean elections!