by Ed Naile

So what, who cares, big deal!

I hear this all the time from liberal Republicans and the run of the mill Democrat activist – oh and from NH election officials.

As long as someone only casts ONE vote, who cares where it is cast?

And now we have the 2013 Virginia Attorney General’s Office race in play.

Out of over 2 million votes cast, the difference is in the Democrat’s favor by 164 votes.
VA AG Recount

If Virginia had two million votes cast and the vote difference is only 164, where could some of those votes come from, New Hampshire maybe?

We know our good friend, NH voter from who knows where, Janice Rottenberg went directly from Nashua with her pal Lisa Behrens to work the McAuliffe race – and Janice voted there in the primary. I am waiting for the results of her general election vote.

In NH, CNHT caught about twenty of the Organizing for Obama/America/ACORN campaigners who were here for November 6, 2012. New Hampshire had about 713,000 votes cast in that race.

How many Organizing for Obama/America/Action/ACORN campaigners from all over the US went to help McAuliffe in Virginia?

In Virginia it is illegal to register vote if you are still registered in another state – like New Hampshire – but Janice Rottenberg was registered here. She is an Obama worker so laws do not apply to her – not in NH anyway, right?

Janice Rottenberg

I talked to the Arlington Va. Republican Party the other evening and they told me that according to law the checklist was purged recently.

In that county alone, 2,100 outdated names were removed the list – but someone like Janice Rottenberg would not be in that list. If I was looking at challenging the AG race in Virginia I would definitely challenge the OFA vote stealing low life’s who showed up there to work that campaign, and if they catch any Republicans in the process – all the better.

Prosecuting and eliminating voter fraud is a bi-partisan issue.