I can put the investigation of Mayor Donna Lozeau and her husband in perspective from the point of view of someone who has been there.

Controversy surrounding mayor-police keeps Nashua talking

“NASHUA — In the midst of a public catfight between Mayor Donnalee Lozeau and the Nashua Police Department, a city election took place on Tuesday where residents had their own opinions about the brewing controversy.

The day after police records were released detailing accusations against Lozeau and her husband involving bid rigging, drug use and corruption, city residents had mixed reactions about the dispute that has made headlines for more than a week.”

No, my phone was not tapped, but some guy from the NH AG’s Office came calling on my house back in 1999 when I was a Selectman here in Deering – a conservative selectman who is involved in conservative politics.

Here is how it goes.

I hear a loud, I mean loud as in meant to startle someone inside, banging on my door and open it up to see our then Police Chief, Mark Plummer, and a guy who he said was from the NH AG’s Office (Officer Domaine?) to talk about a “problem” we had.

I said, ‘The arsonist?’ We had some suspicious structure fires during that housing slump.

He said that was not it about fires. It was about an officer we had fired.

Seems the officer had turned me in to the NH AG for “fixing tickets and favoritism of my friends in police matters.”

I told them to get off my porch and stand in the driveway where they belonged. I was a bit put out.
I had given the AG information about bid rigging and theft of services and equipment here in town. They could have cared less.

But now they had some “dirt” on me. This was suddenly interesting.

Here is what they had:

Our Selectboard fired a part-time officer who had went on a vigilante/thug spree, in uniform, while our chief was out of town and our brand new full time COPS Grant hire was in training. The part timer thought he was in now charge.

1. This officer went to a home in town, on the evening he went haywire, and gave the owner a ticket for rolling through a stop sign almost 30 days before!

2. He went to another home that night and started investigating what he thought was an illegal deer shooting. He was belligerent, domineering, and spoiling for trouble – as usual.

3. As complaints started to come to my home from people in town, the part time officer must have found out and called me himself to straighten me out.

I had, previous to the call from the part time officer, called a long time chief in another town for advice. I told the part timer I did not want to hear “his side” but would let the Chief handle it when he came back.

He wanted to tell me anyway. I advised him not to again and grabbed a note book and pen.

4. The officer told me he had every right to issue tickets up to 30 days from the infraction and that if the home owner had started anything he could “kick his ass” – which is nonsense in any case.
I was told about the deer incident and that the local farmer was nothing but a drunk.

And that is about how the next ten minutes or so went.

At the next Selectman’s meeting I filed a complaint, the officer refused to show for a hearing and we fired him, but not before we had the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Department do an investigation and make recommendations for any action on our part.

All this is in the record along with the suggestion that our police department nol pros any cases where the officer we fired was the only witness – his tickets, etc.

That is what we did.

The claim that I had “fixed tickets” was based on those tickets. That is why the NH AG sent and investigator to my house. The same AG that was not interested in bid rigging, theft, election violations, switching of materials on a $48,000 project from safe materials to unsafe materials and workmanship, etc.

No, the AG’s Officer wanted to know why I had written down, on the side of the hand written affidavit, the phone number of the new officer who was with the out of control part timer during his escapad. I told him it was so, if I had to, I could call him. Is that a crime worth investigation?

I was told they had listened to all the tapes from the Sheriff’s investigation before investigating me.

So why were they there?

The record of this “investigation” is at the AG’s Office in Concord. It is eleven pages long. I used to have a copy but I have long since figured out what a sham that office is and no longer bother with their scribblings.

Mayor Lozeau, I understand what is going on in Nashua completely. Don’t let them off the hook!

Maybe the Nashua Police Chief will submit to a lie detector test to see who is telling the truth about political motivations?