“This prosecution is about consequence and accountability.”


And just like in New Hampshire when a police officer drives drunk, hits two people, leaves the scene of an accident – with a cruiser he was not supposed to have – a slight tap on the wrists is about all he will get.

We are talking of course about how the “hive” protects itself from harm. This “consequence and accountability” case involves our old pal San Diego Mayor Califilner pleading guilty, in his mind though, he is innocent as well as a victim, to some charges that will cover up what this big time Democrat progressive did to any female left alone with him for more than a few seconds – shades of Bill Clinton.

Does Califilner have a wife running for something? He is a liberal Democrat. Maybe she should think about it. Use Califilner as a springboard to a political future as a feminist champion. Or get a job with Hillary!

The results:
The victims remain anonymouse – mice – women who enable and support serial abusers like Califilner, Elliot Spitzer, Weiner, and Bill Clinton.

Califilner serves home confinement – big deal.

Democrats get another example of why they are the favorite party of liberal women – off the front pages.