Desperate for a Republican scandal, the other Democrat activist journalist, this time from the Nashua Paper, goes the full monty on the long dead, never was a scandal, issue of who runs the most corrupt public-non-profit in NH – the New Hampshire Municipal Association.

I guess the Democrat activist journalist from the Manchester Paper will cover covering up for voter fraud while Nashua’s Democrat activist journalist will thrash away at State Senator Peter Bragdon for being chosen to clean up a state sanctioned non-profit that skimmed $100,000.00 million from municipalities – the real story.

How sad is this really.

In one of the cities in our state infected with voter fraud, the Nashua Paper political writer never seems to see anything but the possibility that if he throws enough mud, something, anything, might stick.

Ethics laws are weak in NH?

THAT is a story?

In a state where everyone knows everyone or is related to everyone there are possibilities of ethics problems, that is a given.

But where was the Nashua Paper when the Manchester Firefighters caught NHMA over charging – for their own gain – municipalities and whoever was lulled into thinking NHMA was a good deal?

Has that issue gone away? For the Nashua Paper it seems to never have happened.

The Nashua Paper wants to morph the unregulated, thieving, unaccountable NMHA scandal into a Republican scandal?

Nice try.