All eight spending articles passed while Warrant Article 11, the Tax Cap won the majority of Claremont support, yet failed to reach the required 60% by only 2%.

Article 2 School Bond Yes-1,399 No-780 (3/5 required reached by 92 votes)
Article 3 Main Budget Yes-1,324 No-835
Article 4 Energy Bond Yes-1,548 No-611
Article 5 Maintenance Contract Yes-1217 No-925
Article 6 Paraprofessionals Contract Yes-1,208 No-934
Article 7 Secretaries Contract Yes-1124 No-1009
Article 8 Technology upgrades Yes-1374 No-772
Article 9 School Bus Yes-1254 No-880
Article 10 Capital Reserve Account Yes-1391 No-679
Article 11 Tax Cap Yes-1205 No-868 3/5 required missed by 39 votes

On the one hand, they voted for more spending, but they are stating that taxes are too high. Taxes will be increasing at the end of this year to approximately $1.66 per thousand.