Amherst voters agreed with Amherst Citizens Association voter guide recommendations on all but one article.

We supported article 30 to add $20,000 to the Forestview Cemetery Capital Reserve Fund. Voters disagreed and narrowly defeated the article.

As recommended by the ACA, voters shot down the proposed operating budget. In the 5 years ACA has published the guide, voters have agreed with us on the budget 100% of the time, defeating 3 out of 5 budgets.

For the third straight year, the purchase of a new fire engine was defeated. We did support, as did the voters, adding to the capital reserve for this purpose.

Overall the voter guide scored 93% this year giving us roughly a 90% success rate over 5 years. Though the ACA does not support candidates as an organization, many of our members were very pleased with the re-election of reformer Dwight Brew and the election of newcomer John D’Angelo to the Board of Selectmen. They defeated two other candidates, both former Selectmen, by a nearly 2-1 margin

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