House Bill 454 was heard before the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee on February 5, 2013. You can follow the status of the bill here.

Here is testimony from a NH citizen given in favor of it.

Chairman, David Borden, Committee Members, other guests and attendees of this hearing regarding House Bill 454.

I’m here today in favor of House Bill 454. I will highlight some of the reasons for approval of HB 454. First and utmost, is our right to private property. No one (monopoly) has a right to our property without permission.

Due to the fact I’m forced to pay for a service though an infrastructure/monopoly providing dirty electricity (containing Radio Frequencies and microwaves) I should have the right to refuse any equipment that is causing this contamination.

The contamination of RF have all the earmarks of bad and evil effects on my privacy and health. Smart Meters can be used for eavesdropping (surveillance), the adverse health effects caused by exposure to radiation that Smart Meters introduce into my living space have not been given my approval. No entity has a right to control my personal property (appliances) via the use of any intrusive device(s). While providers of Smart Meters will state the meters are not gateway compliant, this is false. The Smart Meters have not been activated yet, probably due to lack of completion of the system of Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) Meters or Repeaters to relay the signals. The signals from Smart Meters are one hundred times stronger than cell phones, yet providers will deny this fact. Those (one hundred times stronger) signals are constant due to the fact they will constantly be communicating with other Meters and relaying to NAN repeater Meters. A strange phenomena with Smart Meters is that they are not Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved.

Another example of why we should not allow them? Wiretapping laws. If I were to record a conversation with a private person I would be guilty of a wiretap offense, which is a felony; yet we have a corporation installing eavesdropping devices by the thousands and its OK? No, it is not OK. Who has control of the data collected from our homes? Smart Meters equal 24/7 surveillance.

We have another crisis in New Hampshire. Controlling all water on our/your property. How do you think water will be controlled? Example, well water? By the Smart Meter attached to your domicile.

Smart Meters have nothing to do with saving energy, lowering costs, and other propaganda encouraging Smart Meter Grid. Smart Meters are all about control.