by Ed Naile, Chair

And Executive Order from a Sheriff

In light of recent events I feel I need to make a public statement of my views on this subject. As the Sheriff of Collin County, Texas, I have for the past 28 years served to protect and keep safe all citizens of our county, recognizing the trust placed in me with this profoundly important responsibility.

Unfortunately, the recent surge in the numbers of innocent victims who have died at the hands of unstable criminals has prompted politicians in Washington to seek to pass laws that would seriously erode the constitutional rights of innocent and law abiding citizens.

Neither I, nor any of my deputies, will participate in the enforcement of laws that violate our precious constitutional rights, including our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

As long as I remain Sheriff of Collin County, I will not participate in the actions of misguided politicians who seek to impede our citizen’s right to all of the privileges afforded by our Constitution.

Terry G. Box
Sheriff, Collin County Texas

And there you have it. An “Executive Order” from a Sheriff, batted back at the Supreme Leader in Washington, in a nice, direct way.

Back in 1997 several law enforcement officers took the Brady Gun Bill to court and won. Now there is a move by similarly situated officers to oppose an illegal executive order by Obama.

It’s your move, Barack.

Try and force the issue and you have a potential Clinton-style Waco/Ruby Ridge event.

And if you are hinging your bets on the US Supreme Court – well, John Roberts is a sissy and might not want anyone to bad-mouth his court over reversing some gun laws. Can you count on him twice?

Time to pretend you have some leadership skill other than scaring the pee out of the Speaker.

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