by Ed Naile, Chair

In light of the kinder gentler way moonbat Democrats planned on running Concord (dry of money again) we have a situation involving a nasty tempered lefty and her inability to control her pie hole.

Check this out:

Dear Madam Speaker,
I must register a complaint.

Yesterday at the NH State House hundreds of citizens came together to provide testimony to the House Criminal Justice and Safety Committee in regards to HB 135. After a particularly moving statement in opposition of HB 135, there were a few who clapped briefly showing their support. It was at this point that the Chairwoman Pantelakos stated, “Show some respect for the members of this committee. We are forced to sit here and suffer through this!”

“Suffer through this” ? That is to say that the chairwoman listening to voters voicing their opinions on legislation is to suffer? This is the Democrat leadership’s opinion of listening to New Hampshire voters? Chairwoman Pantelakos should either step down or be replaced without delay.

Thank you,
Tom Lamy
Dover, NH

Democrats have Rep. Hatepolicymonger Cindy Chaseemoutta Keene, via Keene State College, offering to pass legislation to run people who do not agree with her out of OUR state. (An old Rhode Island trick.)

The Dems themselves ran a hapless transgendervite out of her seat In Nashua, afraid she might say stupid things like this.

Some old Democrat putz in the Legislature is trying to bully those who are stuck sitting next to him.

And now we have Rep Pantelako-civility berating gun owners at HER hearing.

Get ready taxpayers, once the ratcheted up campaign hate has calmed down a tad, Democrats will start spendin’.