by Ed Naile, Chair

The Concord NEA Monitor has started biting at Maggie Hassan’s heels for an income tax already.

Bless their big government, tiny little souls.

Had to happen and today is soon enough.

How long can Hassan hold out?

She is expected to show “courage” and go for the gold to appease the insignificant Concord paper. Anything else is short of what this liberal paper wants. They speak for the educators in NH, that professional class of year round classroom campaigners.

Just as NH taxpayers are going to get the surprise of their lives in a few short days until their first Obama check shows up short, the Concord bubble crowd agitates for a an income tax.

Liberals are not known for great thinking skills but their timing is a bit off as well this time. The income tax itch is hard to reach.

So play nice moonbats!

I’ll be watching from my perch as you try and pull this off.