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Dems Remove Two Important Committees

By CNHT | January 2, 2013

CONCORD – The House has voted 226-147 to eliminate the Constitutional Review and Statutory Recodification, and Redress of Grievances committees established two years ago.

Because after all, who needs that pesky old Constitution, or a means to hear to the concerns of the people? Not the extremist Democrats that’s for sure.

A commenter (Michael Layon) on the Union Leader website summed it up nicely when he said “This is one of the most disgusting moves perpetrated on the good people of New Hampshire since our state constitution became the law of the land (predating and superseding the US constitution except where specific powers are enumerated to the federal government). THE primary responsibility of the New Hampshire legislature is dealing with redress of grievances. Only after such grievances are heard can the legislature be informed as to what laws might need to be written, removed or amended. Such information is right in our State Constitution. IF you have not read it, go get a free copy from the Governor’s office. Further, not a single representative from Derry was at the rules meeting which eliminated this. Shame on you, every one of you!!! ANY government which does not follow the constitution SHOULD fear the people!”

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