Mark Fernald Needs New Material for His Income Tax Arguments
by Steve MacDonald

Mark Fernald wants New Hampshire to have an income tax before he dies. It appears to be one of his deepest desires. So desperate is this need that he is willing to reuse debunked rhetoric to ensure he is not prohibited from having the chance to get one.

Yesterday, over at Windham Patch, Fernald had the income tax equivalent of a recurring rash as “Fair Share class warfare” sores rose up from the page in his opposition to CACR 13. CACR 13 is a Sttate constitutional amendment that would ban New Hampshire from taxing personal income. But such a prohibition for Mr. Fernald would be akin to the death of the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia to Dead Heads. “Well now what do we do with all our free time.” So Mr. Fernald has gone on the offensive (as in, to offend).

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