An enthusiastic crowd gathered in Hillsborough NH at the CNHT Annual Taxpayer Reunion Picnic on Saturday to hear Jason Rink, author of “Ron Paul, Father of the Tea Party” and producer of the documentary “Nullification: The Rightful Remedy” speak on how we can use the nullification process to keep the federal government out of our hair. You can read more about Jason on his website at

Rink was “Skyped” in on a huge screen provided by, while Groksters Skip Murphy, Steve MacDonald and Mike Rogers live-streamed the event over the internet.

Among those 23 speaking were many candidates or their surrogates….

Speaker of the NH House of Representatives – Bill O’Brien

Gubernatorial Candidates – Kevin Smith, John Babiarz, and Jack Kimball and Bettie Lamontagne for Ovide Lamontagne

Candidates for CD1 – Rick Parent and Brendan Kelly

Candidates for CD2 – Charlie Bass, Dennis Lamare, Miroslaw Dziedzic, and Will Dean

Candidate for Sheriff Hillsborough County – Frank Szabo

Candidate for Exec Council 2 – Michale J. Tierney

Candidate for Rockingham County Attorney – Max Abramson

Candidate for State Senate 5 – Cindy Howard
Candidate for State Senate 9 – Ken Hawkins
Candidate for State Senate 16 – David Boutin

Candidate for State Rep Merrimack 24 – Dick Marple
Candidate for State Rep Hillsborough 40 – Gary Daniels
Candidate for State Rep Carroll 4 – Glenn Cordelli
Candidate for State Rep Merrimack 7 – Susan Olsen
Candidate for State Rep Sullivan 1 – Bill Walker

NH RTL Chair – Kurt Wuelper

In attendance was Jacki Whiton, the lady who lost her job in a convenience store for refusing to let someone purchase cigarettes with an EBT card.

Corey Lewandowski of AFP-NH assisted Chairman Ed Naile with EMCEE duties, as Naile presided over the kitchen.

A straw poll was taken, results can be seen here: