CNHT will hold its annual picnic on Saturday July 7 from 12-2:00 PM.

They will be collecting their traditional “Pledge” and attendees will be surveyed in a straw poll for Governor, CD1 and CD2.

The candidates are as follows:

GOVERNOR [choose one]

Babiarz, John
Cilley, Jackie
Cordatos, Peter
Hassan, Maggie
Kennedy, Bill
Lamontagne, Ovide
Smith, Kevin
Tarr, Robert M

CD-1 [choose one]

Clough, Vern
Donnelly, Cornelius
Guinta, Frank
Kelly, Brendan
Parent, Rick
Shea-Porter, Carol
Soracco, Diane
Webb, Dan

CD-2 [choose one]

Bass, Charlie
Beloin, Gerard
Dean, Will
Dziedzic, Miroslaw
Ingress, Jeanne Louise
Keating, Danny
Kuster, Annie McLane
Lamare, Dennis
Macia, Hardy