HB 1571 eliminates the requirement for home educators to submit an annual evaluation with their participating agency. It also eliminates probation and termination procedures that can be used against a home schooling family.

This Homeschool Freedom bill protects the privacy rights of the child and creates a far less hostile atmosphere between districts and homeschooling families. Parents will no longer have to fear repercussions should their child need remedial help in a subject, for instance. It will allow parents and district to work together constructively in the best interests of the child.

HB 1571 was unanimously passed out of the House Education Committee and then passed by the entire House. It needs the support of the Senate and the signature of the governor to become law. Please help support this homeschooling freedom bill!


1. Contact the Senate Education Committee members as soon as possible. Let these senators know that the current home education law is inequitable. Living in fear under the presumption of guilt of educational neglect is a very heavy burden regardless what Department of Education worker Roberta Tenney claims. No citizen should be deprived of their constitutional right to due process and that includes a presumption of innocence.

Nancy Stiles

James Forsythe

Sharon Carson

Russell Prescott

Molly Kelly

2. Share this email with all of your homeschooling friends and neighbors. Even if you are an underground homeschooler, you should contact the committee members. I testified in front of the committee that I instructed my six children at home without complying the current law because it undermines my constitutional rights. Half the homeschooling community is underground and this is not right.

Citizens should not be afraid of their government because legislators refuse uphold the constitution that they took an oath to protect. 22 years of suffering under this inequitable law is enough. Fix the home education law!