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Senate Hearing on HB 1403 May 1

By CNHT | April 28, 2012

It is very important that public school parents, home school parents, and taxpayers alike show up and testify on the importance of passing HB 1403 if they wish to keep our tax dollars from going out of the country to pay for a program, International Baccalaureate, that adds the UN’s political bias to school curricula. This program also affects all other programs in any school where it is implemented.

HB 1403 (see link for bill text) has been passed by an overwhelming margin in the House and now needs to pass the Senate.

The hearing is before the Senate Education Committee on 05/01/2012 at 01:00 PM in LOB room 306-308. The Committee will recommend that it either pass or fail. It would also help to write to all your Senators to tell them how important this is.

You can write to all of them using this email:

If you cannot be at the hearing, please WRITE OR CALL the Senate Education Committee and ask them to support this bill.

Background links for IB:

International Baccalaureate Organization’s Official Website

The IBO is an NGO of UNESCO

The IBO states clearly that it has a mission and what that mission is…

The IBO requires “IB Schools” to promote their mission, and present all subjects within their curriculum “framework”…

Parent-created website for Merrimack Valley School District…

Education researcher articles… Part 1

Education researcher articles… Part 2

April 28 – WEZS with Niel Young talking about IB – Hour 1

April 28 – WEZS with Niel Young talking about IB – Hour 2

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