The hearing times have been set for the upcoming public hearing before the Senate Education Committee:

APRIL 17th in the Legislative Office Building in Concord, Room 103

1:00 pm HB 1175, wrt membership of cooperative school district budget comm.
1:20 pm HB 1571, eliminating submission of annual evaluations for home schoolers;
1:40 pm HB 545, one-time notification homeschooling bill;
2:00 pm HB 1607, the education tax credit measure.

Homeschoolers need to turn out in large numbers to convince the members of the Senate Education committee that HB 1571 is important. Not everyone needs to testify. Not everyone needs to stay for the entire hearing. But at 1:20 pm on April 17th there must be a large number of parents in attendance to indicate that HB 1571 is essential to homeschooling parents. Hopefully, the hearing will be moved to Reps Hall to accommodate the large turnout.

Plan on staying for at least one hour.

HB 1571 eliminates PROBATION and TERMINATION of home education programs based upon evaluations, in addition to eliminating the requirement to SUBMIT an annual evaluation.

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