NH passes Anti-IB law in NH with veto-proof majority, the first step to regaining to local control of education.

From the Concord Monitor:

Lawmakers approved House Bill 1403, 209-102, allowing parents to pull their children from any school using the International Baccalaureate program, prompted by concerned parents in the Merrimack Valley School District.

The House Education Committee amendment, however, changed it so no school can be approved by the state unless it “promotes state and national sovereignty and is not subject to the governance of a foreign body or organization.”

The bill also establishes a committee to study the International Baccalaureate program. Rep. Ralph Boehm, a Litchfield Republican, asked the House, “Do we want our students indoctrinated to be world citizens or citizens of the United States?”

In the opposition, Mary Stuart Gile, a Concord Democrat, said “this is the 21st century and our children, whether you like it or not, are the next generation of global and American citizens.”

In Defense of U.S. Sovereignty NH HB 1403 Passes House

March 29, 2012 – In a dramatic first step to ensure parents have a choice of public education which is not controlled by a foreign entity, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed HB 1403 by a vote of 209 – 102.

Liberal disgust with the bill was immediately expressed by a group called Defending New Hampshire Public Education. This group links to TAIB as the “opponent’s rap” and adds this comment:

“DNHPE Comment: This isn’t so much anti-public education as an expression of a small minded suspicion and fear about things foreign to our “American” way. It is also another way to chip away at compulsory attendance – seeing the “government-run” schools as a source of beliefs alien to those with certain political beliefs.”

CNHT notes that ‘those with certain political beliefs’ that find IB to alien do so because the IB program promotes world government under a single authority promoted by a non-governmental organization from abroad who views the UN as supplanting and undermining our legal form of government — the Constitution of the United States..

TAIB notes that “A battle still looms in order for this bill to pass the NH Senate.”