The House of Representatives votes on Wednesday March 28 at 11:00 AM on CACR 8.

Restoring the “EXCLUSIVE” right of the people within their municipalities to control their schools (CACR 8), is extremely important to all parents, but especially so for home schoolers, who are on the front line of the battle to restore a parent’s right to instruct their child as they see fit.

If the people lose this power to the State legislature as proposed in CACR 12, State regulation over public schools and home schools will increase! There is absolutely no question about it.

Rep. Paul Mirski (R) warned the House on March 14th that the Senate revised language of CACR 12, which includes the word “responsibility,” makes Charter schools unconstitutional and mandates State curricula.
House Attorney Ed Mosca advised Rep. JR Hoell (R) that the Senate language, which includes the word “responsibility,” makes the recently passed HB 542 unconstitutional. Parents would no longer have the right to remove their child or “opt-out” of objectionable material in a public schools under CACR 12. Their rights of conscience will be overruled by CACR 12.

Even without the inclusion of the word “responsibility,” CACR 12 grants the Legislature “full power and authority” to mandate curricula, eliminate Local Control, and trample Parental Rights. It is absurd to believe that a Legislature with “full power and authority” would actually restrain itself and not exercise that power.

However, if the people restore their “EXCLUSIVE” right, i.e. their Constitutional guarantee to political independence from State under CACR 8, interference in their schools will cease and liberty will prevail.

This is the most important piece of legislation before the State legislature this year. Please, get involved; voter calls and emails do make a difference!


Please call you local state representatives. You can find your legislator here: House Members

Or, email the entire House with one email address:

Ask the members of the House to attend session on Wednesday and support a motion of “Ought to Pass” on CACR 8. Protect and empower municipalities and parents as the guardians of liberty.

More information can be found on the NH Families for Education website:

Here is a clip from the Republican Liberty Caucus of NH’s weekly bulletin:

CACR 8: Restore Educational Standards and Funding Decisions to the People
CACR 8, the best constitutional fix to the Claremont decision, was delayed AGAIN last week because there were too few representatives in attendance by the time the vote came up, so it will come up AGAIN for a vote on Wednesday, March 28 at 11 a.m., when most representatives are expected to be in attendance. It is imperative for the passage of this educational constitutional amendment to get representatives to attend Wednesday’s session and ask them to support this language. If CACR 8 passes, it would give the people the opportunity to restore Part 1, Article 6 of the N.H. Constitution to the meaning our state’s founders intended. The amendment can be summed up as restoring the local control of educational content and funding and the authority of the legislature, instead of the court, in regard to educational standards and funding; thereby returning the people’s firm control of education. Please email, and ask them to attend session and support a motion of Ought to Pass on Wednesday.