by Ed Naile, Chairman

And the horse’s asses who pose as selectmen in South Hadley Mass. have a problem on their hands – oh no wait, now they don’t!

Once again, Beecher has left the building:

Former Dover city manager abruptly leaves South Hadley, Mass., as town administrator

SOUTH HADLEY, MA — After Town Administrator Paul Beecher’s abrupt resignation Friday, the Select Board decided Tuesday to ask the town’s personnel officer to step in as acting administrator.

Members of the board were closemouthed Tuesday about the reasons for Beecher’s sudden departure, only confirming that the 64-year-old manager had resigned two years into his three-year contract.

Board Chairman Robert Judge will offer the acting administrator’s job to Jennifer L. Wolowicz, the town’s personnel officer and chief procurement official. Judge said Tuesday that he had not discussed the matter with Wolowicz and was unaware if she wanted to take over as the town’s top administrative official.


Now they have to keep a secret.

How much did Paul Beecher get away with while a sh*tty manager in South Hadley?

Let me guess, he still has a South Hadley cell phone???

That would be standard operating procedure.

And the South Hadley Selectmorons are paying him until April. Surprise!

Oh well it wasn’t like CNHT didn’t call these morons and warn them.

Now we will be scouring the web for news of a new victim community for Beecher to bleed.