CACR 12 Must Be Killed.

Not only does it eliminate local control of schools permanently, but it opens the door to a graduated income tax!

When education spending exceeds income, and it will with a steady march of not-fully-funded federal mandates, the legislature will have “full discretion to determine” the “methods of raising” State funding.

[Art.] 5-c [Public Education.] In fulfillment of the provisions with respect to education set forth in Part II, Article 83, the general court shall have the authority and full discretion to define reasonable standards for elementary and secondary public education, to establish reasonable standards of accountability therefor, and to mitigate local disparities in educational opportunity and fiscal capacity. Further, in the exercise thereof, the general court shall have full discretion to determine the amount of, and methods of raising and distributing, State funding for education.

Ask your Senators to vote NAY on OTP.