Please contact your state representatives and ask them to support HB1605 and HB1523.

Both bills will be heard Thursday, February 9, 2012.

HB1605:This bill requires the posting of notice prohibiting firearms in courthouses. This bill also requires the court to make available space to check firearms. When lawfully carried firearms are brought to a state court in NH (**), currently the state court records your name, your driver’s license and LTC (even though in NH a LTC is not required for open carry), and firearms serial number(s), and then sends this information to Concord. If you are lawfully carrying a firearm, there is no legitimate reason for the state to record this information. (For example, they don’t give you frequent carry miles no matter how many times you check your firearms) This bill will change the procedure, allowing you the privacy you deserve when you check in yourself defense tool at the court. (Hearing: Tuesday, 9-Feb-2012 @ 10:30 A.M. LOB Rm 208, HOUSE JUDICIARY) Please also call the members of the committee and ask them to support this important bill.

(**Do NOT try to carry a firearm into a Federal court: YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS THERE!)

HB1523: This bill establishes procedures for the return of personal property seized by law enforcement agencies after the acquittal or dismissal of proceedings against a person charged with a crime. Unfortunately, it is becoming a regular occurrence for police, after an acquittal or dismissal of charges, to keep firearms seized during a lawful or unlawful search. While GO-NH has some reservations about the requirement for police to return these seized items to your residence (as it gives them cover to harass you again), it is important to provide some statutory protection against a few police agencies that, for whatever reasons, presume to be a law unto themselves, even going so far as to ignore court orders to return the seized property). (Hearing: Tuesday, 9-Feb-2012 @ 10:30 A.M. LOB Rm 204, HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY) Please also call the members of the committee and ask them to support this important bill.

If you are able to attend the hearings for these bills, please do so. Your presence makes a much greater impact on legislators, when you take the time from your busy day to attend in person and make your voice HEARD!